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Beginning Yoga Series

Advanced Asana Workshop

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Radiant and Loving

“Sarah is a radiant and loving instructor that creates thoughtfully sequenced classes that are both physically and mentally challenging. She cultivates a light-hearted, safe and supportive space to explore your practice. Definitely make the time to check out her classes!”

— Melanie Moskowitz

Inspiring and Creative!

“I took Sarah's inversion class in St. Thomas a few weeks ago. Her instruction and guidance is spot on! She delivered a class that flowed very well together and prepared the students for the ultimate posture of going into a handstand. Her class created a sense of safety and comfort as we all explored the possibilities within our bodies. Thank you Sarah for such a great class!”

— F.C.

Excellent Teacher

“Sarah is a lovely yoga teacher that I have had the pleasure to work with for over a year. She meets the student where they are, both physically and mentally and helps guide them towards their highest potential. Her knowledge and intuition are exceptional and she leads with a gentle yet firm presence. I highly recommend her for both the new and experienced student.”

— Judy Ruby